Reiterhof Rohrmoser: Animal Assisted Pedagogy in Austria

Educational animal contact on the farm

Animal-assisted pedagogy in Austria, which is animal-assisted work or animal contact on the farm, and describes the targeted use of farm animals for educational purposes. At our educational farm Reiterhof Rohrmoser in St. Johann, intensive animal contact is encouraged in connection with basic agricultural activities and processes.

Certified GreenCare farm for animal education

Since 2013 we are a certified Green Care farm. Green Care generally stands for activities and interactions between humans, animals and nature. To achieve this status, additional educational qualifications had to be completed and criteria met. These include:

  • Positive completion of a course of the LFI (Rural Development Institute)
  • Correct keeping of farm animals according to organic standards
  • Continuously checked health of the animals
  • Obtaining the safety badge of the Social Insurance Institution of the farmers
  • Selected, trained and tested farm animals

Lasting moments of happiness

Animal education focuses on the promotion of spiritual, mental and physical health and well-being, in harmony with education and upbringing. Children experience moments of happiness with friendly, trained animals during various exercises. Animal partners are reliable and do not judge children; they enjoy honest, loving contact and give young visitors peace of mind as well as basic trust, so that challenges of any kind – whether physical, mental or spiritual – can be mastered more easily.

Do you have any further questions about animal-assisted pedagogy in Austria or would you like to take advantage of our animal and farm trainings? Leave us a short message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.