Your farm vacation in St. Johann: Our animals

Time for a visit to the stable of the farm hotel in St. Johann

Our animals are always happy to see the children in the barn! This is simply part of a farm vacation in St. Johann. There is always time for a little cuddling, petting and grooming at the organic farm in St. Johann.

Lilly is our cuddle donkey, she loves to be cleaned and stroked, is very calm, patient and everyone immediately takes her into their hearts. Bimbolie is the more spirited of the two, but he too likes to be groomed and petted. He likes to go for walks and is at every game.

Luna is our lady pig. You can lean on them very well. She likes to be petted and loves to eat for her life. Lady Gaga is our pet chicken and immediately eats out of everyone’s hand. Our sweet bunnies, have only one thing in mind: eating and cuddling.

It is always fun with the goats and the sheep, no matter if you go for a walk, climb the climbing tree or muck out, it never gets boring.

Not only the animals, but also the Rohrmoser family is already looking forward to taking care of you personally during your farm vacation in St. Johann. With a non-binding request you can secure your cozy apartment.